Where both design and quality are prioritaire, these partitioning systems represent the perfect selection.

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        Interfinish removable partitions allows / admits mechanical installation of glass walls , gypsum boards with vynil or wood, mounted on anodized aluminium structure painted in electrostatic field.

       At client’s requirements, Interfinish structural frame can be painted with powder, in electrostatic field. The colours pallete contains 205 RAL colours.

In this way, the ambiance can be obtained dintr-un joc constratant between pereti plini or between glass and the structure on wich glass is mounted. Se pot integra gamele to reach an pleasant and linear image, with usoare jocuri cromatice, in this way being created harmonious or high- tech atmospheres.

       For an perfect integration, the blinds with which double glass walls can be equipped can be at their turn painted in same nuances.

       An online colours sample catalogue / broschre (mostrar) can be seen here.


        Durafort is one of the best wall covering manufacturers from Europe and provides to Interfinish wall covering based on papercraft with the best quality and with an wide range of colours and textures. We can put at client’s disposal 28 ranges with 360 types of wall covering wich, with cloth or wood imitations .

       It is extremely adequate for finishing the plaster boards walls montati uscat / dry installed, this being applied in the manufacturing process on plaster boards. It has an very high applicability quote , being especially created for public spaces also for office buildings, hospitals and gouvernamental buildings. It is very resistant to mechanical uusage as napping or scratching and has very easy maintenance . It can be dry cleaned or it can be washed with water or weak cleaning agents.

       The material can be treated with Bio – Pruf, an powerfull agent that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. It is indicated in environements such as medical centres, hospitals, pharmaceutic companies and laboratories, environements in wich are required sterile conditions.


       Maestro Shinkki natural veneers offered by Decospan are available in more that 150 nuances and wood species.

       MDF boards represents the standard support on which Shinnokki veneer is applied , with an standard thickness of 19 mm an board dimensions 1990 x 2440 mm.

       At our clients special request the veneer base can be fire resistant with A1 class and with variable thickness.

        You can find here. an online sample catalogue , broschure/ mostrar.


       For an optimal view of the samples, we request to add an inquiry , and after we will establish an meeting in order to discuss about the specifications of your projects



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