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PARTHOS: Manufactured for space

        For more than 40 years, Parthos was and it is the first manufacturer in removable walls domain, and our products fully suppoting the architects imagination and interior designers.

        This thing is available especially for flexible solutions development regarding space economy necessary for hotels, congress and conventions, restaurants, centres and commercial buildings.

        The partitions are performed focusing to maximum efficiency of the areas at the same time they provide fast and sustainable solutions for any development.

        We are open to customers, providing support both during the design process and then after completion of installation, this is exemplified by the fact that Parthos was one of the first vendors to receive ISO 9001-2000 certification.

        The mobile glass walls of PRESIDENT series denotes elegance. Offers numerous options to develop practical ergonomic interior space partitioning primand transparent design.

        The particularity of the PALACE series is on wide range of available finishes and wide range of heights which can be designed. Also, customers can request meets the requirements of sound insulation and fire resistance.

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