Glass doors with floor spring and Dorma damper offer an elegant and stylish image , vissualy un– interrupted by vertical or horizontal elements.

        The superior quality materials , also the accurate execution of DORMA Mechanisms, guarantee an long lasting usage and reflects the well known name of the german company DORMA.

        All hardware elements made by Dorma are modular manufactured, and they contain the base element, the functional interior system and clipsare caps or adhesive tape.

        These can be finished with a wide rande of colours, also with different aluminium treatment: sandblasted , glased and anodized.

        The hardware elements are standard designed for 10 mm thickness of glass sheet . There can be ordered similar elements for both thickness of 8 mm and 12 mm.

        Glass doors with floor spring and damper can be equipped with lock on superior and inferior part of the door , but they can be also ordered using Control Access system.


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