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Durafort –paperbacked vynil wall cover

        Durafort is one of the most known and competitive brand for wall covering in Europe continent. The company provides to Interfinish wall cover paper backed vynil in a wide range of fashionable colours and textures with the best quality. We provide to our customers 28 ranges with 360 types of wall cover, including cloth or wood imitations.

       Durafort wall cover is adequate for finishing the gypsum board walls dry installed. This wall cover is factory-applied gypsum plates. It has an very large applicability areas, being especial created for office buidings, hospitals, hotels and Gouvernamental buildings. It is very resistant to mechanical usage like napping or scratching and it has economical maintenance. It can be dry cleaned or it can be washed with water and weak cleaning agents.

        The material can be treated with Bio – Pruf, an powerfull agent that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. It is indicated in environements such as medical centres, hospitals, pharmaceutic companies and laboratories, environements in wich requires sterile conditions.



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