The german company Dorma is at this moment the bigger manufacturer of aluminium hardware, with the best quality in Europe. Worldwide, Dorma is in top, with other similar manufacturers.

        Dorma offers ideal / excellent options, visually and technically speaking, for partitions made of glass. This gives to the projectant freedom to his creative vision.

        The materials with an exceptional quality and the accurate manual labor guarantee that the products DORMA Universal accomplish the necessary characteristics, managing to satisfy the most severe specifications specified Tender Book.

        The DORMA System of glass walls for partition, consist in mounting the aluminium structure only on the ceiling or on the floor, with single or double glass, without vertical studs. The expected effect is an smooth image of partition. In order not to affect the fluent image of the walls, the glass joint is realized with an discreet passing profile , made of transparent plastic.

        According with the client’s necessities, the glass can be provided with thickness of 10 or 12 mm, and it can have the following finishes: it can be clear, sandblasted, serigraphic coloured o it can have decorative foil after installation. In this way you can personalize the ambiance of the business space, according with your company’s image.


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