Our company proposes solutions regarding the execution of an pleasant and efficient / confortable interior design, using removable partitions with SECURIT GLASS, with simple or double glass sheet.

        The glass sheets are installed in aluminium rails with perimetral strip/ gasket. The aluminium structure can be anodized, as ordered, or it can be painted in a wide range of RAL colours.

        The glass may have the following finishes : it can be clear, completely or partially sandblasted, serigraphic coloured or it can have décorative foil after its installation , in the most various models.

        Double Glass Walls benefit of service after sale. The interior design of offices space can be modified anytime the client requires, whitout disrupting the daily activity of the company.

        The standard dimensions of glass modules are 1000 x 2100 mm and in case that our client requires bigger heights, the glass modules can have over lighting.

        Noticing that the respect for privacy is an often requirement of our clients, the walls made of two glass sheet may contain in their interior space horizontal blinds of 24 mm, painted in RAL colours, with opaques or perforated aluminium slides . The Control System is mounted on the modules joint profile.



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