Interfinish system includes walls with single or double glass, also gypsum board walls finished with wall-paper, with an wide range of colours and special structures , marca DURAFORT Holland.

        Its primary advantage is that installation is quick, clean, all enterprises is realized mechanically Interfinish guide rail system, no need for grouting and painting later. This also favors the maintenance extremely easy. In case of further deterioration of gypsum, which can be changed very easily, in a very short time.

        Gypsum boards partition walls pre-finished with DURAFORT vynil are realized on anodized aluminium structure (with classic finish) or painted in RAL colours.

        There are two types of installing system: Omega and Delta. The installing system represents the junction system between gypsum boards.

        Omega system is represented by an metal profile wich covers the vertical edges of gypsum boards and it is mechanical fixed onto the internal structure of the wall, joint screws being then concealed with an rubber gasket.

        Delta system involves mounting the unfinished plate of metal supports, through which will catch the boards together. Profile fitting end, with gasket, will come between plates, leaving visible vertical edges perfectly polished, coated with vinyl. This favors a more clean and more linear without a vertical wall, but the designer imposing fixed modulation rate.

        Inner structure is classic, as if painted plasterboard walls, is made ​​with profiles CW50/75 si UW50/75.

        Phono-insulation and fire resistance is optional for choosing this type of system partitioning, thus reaching a maximum of 52dB for the phono-insulating and 120 min. for fire resistance. This course is conditioned by plating double walls, the use of mineral wool between tiles and walls extending above the ceiling and floating floor under suspension. In this case the installation is done from the floor to the ceiling BA BA. To meet the fire resistance and spread its protection, interior lining is made of fireproof gypsum boards.

        Interfinish plasterboard walls can be combined, both vertically and horizontally with glass walls Interfinish, including in their system, glass doors, wood or metal or fire resistant.


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